Since 1995

By prior agreement with the customer, we provide a whole range of cemetery services, comprising a dignified farewell with a deceased in the cemetery - in the Cemetery chapel or a church

We settle the date of church funeral service

We provide funeral workers to transport the casket.

We provide the transportation of the casket to a Church or a Cemetery chapel.

We provide the transportation of the casket to a cemetery and grave.

We provide the placing of the coffin into the grave.

We provide the grave digging and the surface working after the burial.

We provide a motorcade.

We provide a choir and chants.

We organize funerals of priests.

We organize military funerals.

We have a wide range of church trucks.

We organise a farewell with the deceased at the urn.

We arrange the cremation in Žilina crematorium and we can organize the farewell tribute and the burial.

After cremation, your family can request a burial or you can take the cremains of your beloved in our office.

If you would like to have an information added to your existing monument, renovate it or build-up a new grave or urn, we provide all contact information.