Since 1995

LAuK, ltd. funeral service provide transportation of the deceased on the area of the Slovak republic and the European Union. Special vehicles are available on demand. We use funeral vehicles of these brands:

Mercedes-Benz Vito

Mercedes-Benz Vito

Opel Vivaro

We provide transportation of the deceased from various european cities. We provided transportation from cities like Paris, Zürich, Budapest, Warsaw, Rosenheim, Frankfurt, Bergamo, Prague, Olomouc, Frýdek-Místek, Ostrava, Nový Jičín, Vsetín etc.

We provide transportation of the deceased in certified caskets to all over the world.For example,we provided transportation from the Vienna airport to South Korea.

We settle all the documents and certificates.

By prior agreement, the customer can choose a casket :

- in our office in Žilina:

- in Bytča-Hrabové

Our assortment

After selecting a casket, customer can choose a customized fresh flowers ikebana.

After selecting the date of the funeral, we can make an obituary notice from a wide range of colorful obituary notices, while you wait.

To complete the product offer, customer can also choose a flower decoration and funeral wreaths:

Vence - borovicový Ø 40 cmm

Vence - čečinový Ø 45cm

Vence - borovicový Ø 50cm

Vence - borovicový Ø 50cm nový

Vence - borovicový Ø 50cm štrásový

Vence - čečinový Ø 60cm

Vence - čečinový Ø 70cm

Vence - čečinový ovál

Vence - slza malá

Vence - slza stredná

Vence - srdce stredné plné

Vence - srdce nové

Vence - srdce veľké

Candles and funeral ribbons

To transport the deceased from a hospital, family house or flat and other premises, we use transport coffins and stretchers with an easily disinfectable surface

When receiving the remains of a deceased, we use stainless coolers that meet the sanitary requirements and requirements for ethic manipulation with a deceased