Since 1995
Funeral and cemetery service LAuK, ltd. - Peter Kicoš was established in 2000 by LAuK, ltd. company in Žilina region. In 2002 he opened a branch office in Žilina, in 2005 in Turzovka and in 2010 in the city part Bytča-Hrabové. Funeral service LAuK, ltd., having a complete service offer, soon became a sought-after funeral service in Žilina region. On the basis of constant investment in technologies and innovation, funeral service LAuK, ltd. can offer a wide range of funeral and cemetery services. We constantly watch the trends and new products are implemented and offered to our clients within our compass. By reason of improving our services, excellent products and services have become our standard. That’s why we are still looking for new quality products. Words of thanks also belong to our clients, who turned to us and appreciate our quality funeral services and who recommend our company and help us to get better. It is a mutual cooperation – our clients, according to their requirements, get the high quality products and services pertaining to honor the deceased.
Peter Kicoš - Company founder